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Kingdom Advisors Champion Membership


A growing number of Christians are looking for financial advisors who share their Christian values. Kingdom Advisors is the leading advocate for a new specialty in the financial services industry of financial, legal, and accounting professionals offering competent financial advice that aligns with the values and priorities of Christians.

Kingdom Advisors Champions are a exclusive subset of our members who are passionate about the creation of this speciality and are committed to investing their time, influence, and resources to accelerate the growth and development of the specialty.

  • Receive Stakeholder Updates Regarding Developments of the Speciality
  • Provide Strategic Input into the Strategy and Development of Kingdom Advisors and the Specialty
  • Join a Unique Community of the Leaders of the Specialty for Ongoing Encouragement and Sharing of Best Practices
  • Participate in an Exclusive Kingdom Advisors Champions Forum Each Year in a Destination Setting
    • Special Guest Speakers for Professional and Personal Development
    • Input and Feedback Sessions with Kingdom Advisors Leadership
    • Networking Opportunities with Fellow Champions
  • Attend an Exclusive Champions Luncheon at our Annual Conference
    • Special Guests Speakers and Content
    • Stakeholders Update on the Progress of Kingdom Advisors

How to Become a Kingdom Advisors Champion:

  • Have a passionate commitment to the cause of biblically wise financial advice
  • Be a practicing Christian financial professional or marketplace leader
  • Make a suggested donation of $10,000/year ($5,000 minimum)
  • Join the unique community of more than 70 Kingdom Advisors Champions

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