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“It can be overwhelming to figure out how to practically integrate Biblical financial principles into my client advice. With the latest Kingdom Advisors teaching, concepts and tools I'm receiving in my study group, I'm able to better communicate biblical financial wisdom in my conversations with clients.” - Jeff Thomas, Certified Kingdom Advisor®                                                                               

Over 200 Study Groups meet monthly across the U.S. and Canada to get the latest Kingdom Advisors training, tools and resources to equip you as a Christian financial advisor better serve both their Christian and non-Christian clients. Study Groups are one of the most valuable resources of your Kingdom Advisors membership. 

Group meetings are led by a Certified Kingdom Advisor® where you learn how to effectively apply biblical financial wisdom into your client advice, conversations and practice management:

  • Professional-level video teaching from our Kingdom Advisors faculty on specific topics to help you have more impactful client conversations. Many of the teachings offer industry continuing education credits. 
  • Valuable Q&A and group discussion around best practices facilitated by a trained Study Group Leader. 
  • Exclusive practical tools and resources to take away from each group meeting which you can begin to use immediately. 
  • Relationship-building and networking with some of the most successful financial advisors in your community.

*If you are not yet a member, we invite you to attend a group as a welcomed guest to learn more about Kingdom Advisors. 

We all live with the reality of God’s presence with us, but we don’t always reflect and practice that presence on a daily or moment-by-moment basis. Intentionality is the key to enjoying the fullness of God every day.

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January Study Group: A Biblical Giving Blueprint: Where to Give with Jim Wise

We coach our clients to be strategic and proactive in their financial lives—have we helped them be strategic in their philanthropy? Beyond the question of “how much” lies the potential for passion in giving. Energize your clients’ giving by helping them uncover the causes that mean the most to them, and you’ll create joyful lifelong benefactors.