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Kingdom Advisors Core Training Course

Deep Rooted Focus for Your Counsel. Move from vision to implementation. The Core Training teaches you to effectively integrate biblical financial wisdom into client counsel.

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Take the first step toward becoming a Certified Kingdom Advisor, and experience transformational training that will lead your practice and your clients toward Kingdom significance.

    • Learn how to offer biblically wise financial advice that is relevant in any economy
    • Bring more value to your clients by offering life counsel from an eternal perspective
    • Differentiate yourself in an increasingly commoditized marketplace
    • Participate via a convenient, online format

Core Training is accepted for 20 hours of CFP®, IMCA, and PACE continuing education credit.

In 2017, the Core Training will move to a university-based delivery, bringing more academic rigor to the course and to the Certified Kingdom Advisor designation process.

"It was the most valuable training to which I have ever been exposed. I began to implement the material right away." -
Tim Jenkins, CFP®

Taught by Ron Blue, the training equips you in the "know, believe, do" model of applying biblical financial wisdom to client conversations. This online, 21 module course covers topics ranging from worldview and leadership to investments and wealth transfer planning.

Biblical Core

Worldview & Wisdom
Your worldview is the sum of your total convictions about yourself and the world in which you live. This session provides a framework for a comprehensive biblical worldview.

Work & Retirement
In this session, Ron Blue discusses work as one of the building blocks of wealth management. He explores the world's perspective on work, God's perspective on work, and where to fit work in the context of life.

My Ministry of Biblical Financial Advice
Vocational stewardship is a holy calling, requiring intentionality and resulting in eternal consequences. This session explains the advisor's calling to be a disciple of Christ and a discipler of others in their work.

Financial Leadership

Ron Blue offers a practical definition of leadership and delineates the attributes and competencies of leadership. He shares the scriptural calling to leadership all Christians have on their lives and the goal of exercising that leadership.

Decision Making
This session explores a biblical perspective on decision-making that can be used personally by financial professionals and with clients. Trainees will learn the barriers to good decision-making as well as an effective, straightforward process for making high quality decisions. This session also includes a case study for trainees to practice the process in order to develop effective decision-making skills.

Life Planning
Ron Blue teaches a biblical view of what money is and what money is not, landing on the core idea that money is a tool to be used to achieve God given goals and purposes. He casts vision for how financial capital can be used to build spiritual and social capital by sharing a basic life-planning process.

Goal Setting
A faith goal is an objective toward which I believe God is calling me to move. This session explores reasons to set goals and provides a framework for advisors to set goals within their practice and with clients.

Biblical Principles of Finance

Biblical Stewardship
Biblical stewardship is the use of God-given resources for the accomplishment of God-given goals and objectives. This crucial session provides an understanding of biblical stewardship as a foundational component of financial planning. Ron Blue teaches transcendent financial decision making principles, transcendent principles of financial success, and the five uses of money.

In this session, Ron Blue addresses a wide variety of issues including why to give, where to give, the benefits of giving, triggers for giving, and frequently asked questions about giving. This session equips advisors to make wise personal giving decisions and it empowers them to help clients realize their giving potential.

Cash Flow/Lifestyle
Ron Blue explores the issue of contentment and asks the question, 'is there an appropriate christian lifestyle?' This session uncovers the advisor's opportunity to assist clients in determining accurate living expenses, maintaining a positive cash flow, and reducing encumbering expenses.

Borrowing, Debt, and Bankruptcy
This session provides financial professionals with a clear biblical framework for approaching the subject of debt with clients.

 Borrowing is not a sin, but it carries real dangers and may deny God an opportunity to work in a person’s life. The goal is to help clients borrow only for economically productive purposes and ultimately to eliminate all debt.

Net Worth/Retirement
Everyone can answer the question, 'How much is enough?' This session empowers the Christian advisor to counsel clients through this important decision and to see their net worth as a measurement of God's provision rather than a measurement of success.

Life insurance is an integral part of any financial plan and is supported in scripture. This session explores some of the misconceptions of insurance and provides trainees with a biblical perspective on the subject.

Paying income tax is required in scripture and serves an indicator of God's blessing. This session discusses the importance of integrated tax planning as it relates to long-term financial success and explores the subject of tax reduction.

In this session, Ron Blue shares a comprehensive biblical perspective on investing and offers a sequential model for investing. He shares the difference between accumulation, preservation, and speculation, as well as the place morally conscious investing plays in a believer's investment philosophy.

Leaving a Legacy

Wealth Transfer
Wealth transfer is the last stewardship decision that God allows people to make as they determine where their assets will be transferred at death. Ron Blue shares a process for making wealth transfer decisions that takes into consideration the variables surrounding wealth transfer and prepares clients to make intentional stewardship decisions.

Your Kids Can Master Their Money
In this session, Ron shares the current state of financial literacy for young people along with a vision for raising money smart kids. Ron provides some excellent tools to help parents through the process of raising kids in the principles and skills of money management.

Once I register for the training, when can I get started?

You will receive your materials approximately 14 days following your registration. However, if you would like to get started on the training before then, you will receive instructions to access the web training within 48 hours of your registration. Listening guides and personal conviction worksheets are available online as .pdf downloads. (Please Note: Training material shipment internationally or to Puerto Rico will incur an additional shipment charge.)

Is there a deadline for completion of my course work?

In 2017, we will transition to a university-based Core Training in addition to implementing higher standards for acceptance. In order to satisfy the educational requirement for the Certified Kingdom Advisor designation using the current Core Training program, you must complete the Core Training program and submit your completed Certified Kingdom Advisor application six months after the launch of the new university-based Core Training. Members will be notified by email specifying the deadline date once the transition to the new course is complete.

Once I've completed the training, what is next?

After you've completed the Kingdom Advisors Core Training, download the Certified Kingdom Advisor application where you can complete the process of earning your designation. For more information about next steps, visit here.

Is there any continuing education credit available for this training?

The Kingdom Advisors Training has been accepted for 20 hours of CFP®, IMCA, and PACE continuing education credit. This credit requires completion of the online training and accompanying tests. Once you complete these requirements, please email CE@kingdomadvisors.com with your designation ID number and last four digits of your social security number.

Is continuing education credit available for other designations or licenses?

Although we don't have approval for any other continuing education, you may request a certificate of completion and course syllabus from our staff to self-report.

Can I let others from my staff join me as I watch the videos?

You may contact Michelle Davis to make arrangements to include additional members of your staff in your training experience.

Ronald W. Blue

Founding Director, Kingdom Advisors

Ron Blue is the Founding Director of Kingdom Advisors, a ministry that empowers Christian financial advisors who seek to integrate a biblical worldview into their advice and counsel. In 1979, he founded Ronald Blue & Company, the largest Christian financial planning firm in the country. He has authored twenty books, including Master Your Money, The Complete Guide to Faith Based Family Finances, and Surviving Financial Meltdown. Ron holds a BS and an MBA from Indiana University and an honorary PhD. from Indiana Wesleyan University. Ron is married to Judy and they have five grown children and thirteen grandchildren. They reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2017, the Core Training will move to a university-based delivery bringing more academic rigor to the course and the Certified Kingdom Advisor designation process.

To take advantage of the current Kingdom Advisors Core Training pricing and the current guidelines for obtaining your Certified Kingdom Advisor designation, the time to act is now!

Special pricing good until the course transitions in Fall of 2017 (TBD):

      • Core Training only: $799 (for current members)
      • Core Training and one year of Kingdom Advisors membership: $899

For more information about the Certified Kingdom Advisor designation application process, visit here.